The nature is a place for live is our passion, home is our obsession.


Everything is connected. Thinking about the home as a separate entity from nature is almost absurd, if it is capable of transforming any corner into itself. You just have to think what you can do with what does not belong to her. Light, color and climate are the keys to making everything better, so she has it all.

We think that each element integrates with the other, just as our team does. We have the best tips for you, so you can think about how to make your home a more breathable and natural place. It is not so difficult to create that mixture you just have to find a good right combination.

Although we know that the beauty of nature is a simple combination, knowing how to put the elements of fauna together with those of the house is not a simple task. But we teach you to learn it.


We believe that making a difference between home and nature is almost absurd. That is why we integrate all the elements that she can equip us every day to beautify the space we see each day.


Ramsil Marquez

Web content developer

Bachelor's degree in Education and languages is where my academic training began, and as soon I discovered my multitasking abilities, I started nourishing my knowledge with the amusing world of Social Media Management. I am a web content developer as well as a community manager with excellent communication skills in three languages. I create content for different blogs based in my clients' requirements. Hence I keep myself updated with the latest technology trends. Running, photography, traveling, running and empowerment are just some of the many passions that move my days.

Leonardo Angulo

Web content developer

In early nature, writer; The rest is attached. He passed through the aisles of literature and journalism, of which he graduated. So it can be very easily adapted to any writing. Scriptural survival techniques, he said. I try to make literature while playing with the cinema.

Francisco Bolledi

Graphic Design

My passion for graphic design, journalism and advertising is what makes me a skilled professional with more than 8 years of experience in my field of activity. Thanks to my abilities and positive attitude, I am able to successfully help you developing any design project you need. I'm constantly nourishing my knowledge, that's why I have wide experience in graphic representation techniques, design methodology, design tools (both traditional and digital), as well as production techniques. I own excellent information's analysis and interpretation skills, this leads me to innovatively performance in every project I execute. I totally believe in leadership, teamwork and entrepreneur so they are key factors to succeed that I practice. My main interests are: fashion design, industrial design and interior design. Cinema, music, theater, photography, illustration, comic, tourism, nature and everything related to technology are some of the many activities I enjoy the most.

Luis C. Marcano

Web Designer





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